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Consider Denton County Property Management, Inc. Here are some facts about us:

  • We offer competitive pricing and exceptional service (see table below). It is structured with no up-front fees and to motivate us to get you a quality tenant. We don’t get paid until you get paid! 
  • We use a fair but firm management approach, with quick response for late rent and repairs.  
  • We specialize in single-family and small multi-family properties anywhere in Denton County and Western Collin County.
Services Offered Our Costs Notes
Monthly Management Fee 7% to 9% of Rents Collected Based on number of units: 1-2 Units: 9% for all units 3-9 Units: 8% for all units 10+ Units: 7% for all units
Up-Front Fees $0 Most firms charge you "reserve" fees up front. We do charge a reserve, but we collect it from the first month's rent, so you don't pay into your reserve until the home is leased.
Vacancy Fees $0 If the property is vacant, we don’t charge you a fee to maintain it.
Leasing Fee (new tenant) 50% of 1 month’s rent Many firms charge up to 100%
Lease Renewals (existing tenant) 10% of 1 month’s rent Many firms charge up to 25%
Cost of Repair Coordination FREE Some companies charge 3% – 7% of the repair cost
Monthly Statements, Year-End Tax Statements Yes, and Free These services vary by company. A few charge for this, most don’t
Direct Deposit of Net Rents into Owner’s Account Yes, and Free Some firms won’t offer direct deposit, or will offer it and charge extra.
Evictions FREE Many firms charge for this. We pass through the costs but don’t charge extra
Late Fees Collected from Tenants We split 50/50 with owner Many firms keep 100% of the late fees
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